Sep 29 2009

California Housing Still Over Priced: Examining Case Shiller Data and Seasonal Distortions. The Impact of Shadow Inventory on Price.

One simple rule that every student of introductory economics understands is that a product that has more demand than supply will typically push the price up.  The recent stabilization in housing prices has given the impression that the housing market is correcting on its own.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  There are three […]

Sep 23 2009

The California Home Buying Debate: Southern California Home Sales Broken out in Price Tier Ranges. The Amount of California Home you can Afford is Probably Less Than you Expect.

For many prudent prospective home buyers, many who have saved diligently for years, many are licking their chops to purchase a home in California.  But let us be honest, most are looking to purchase in selective markets like Marin County or parts of the Westside here in Southern California.  They hear about the 50 percent […]

Sep 17 2009

California Market Inventory: Is the Lower End Running out of Steam? 5 Key Factors Impacting California Inventory. Borrowers Don’t Have Bubble Purchasing Power.

How many homes are currently for sale in California?  This rather simple question seems to be missed in many mainstream articles and is rather important to the question of the overall health of the California housing market.  In many cases it is assumed that having less than six months of inventory reflects a healthy and […]

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