Oct 30 2009

The Negative Equity Conundrum: Why Having Equity in a Home is Important. 1 out of 4 Mortgage Holders in a Negative Equity Position.

The post title should be obvious but something occurred during this decade that gave the impression that somehow, equity in a property was of little importance.  The last time in our history that we saw this massive amount of negative equity was during the Great Depression.  But even then, it was a poor comparison because […]

Oct 22 2009

California Housing Inventory Mystery: 206,000 Homes on MLS but is the Real Inventory 412,000 or closer to 618,000?

It is probably one of the least desirable tasks to undertake but if we are to understand the California housing market we need to look at the entire state current inventory level.  Now having access to the MLS gives us a general sense of the overall number of homes on the market but it does […]

Oct 18 2009

Riverside and San Bernardino Housing: Two SoCal Counties with 4 Million People Experience 60 Percent in Housing Price Declines. And Prices are Still near the Bottom.

The Inland Empire of Southern California has been devastated with the current housing bubble bursting.  A few other bloggers have covered this area in great detail but it is important to examine what is happening here.  The Inland Empire is made up of two large counties, San Bernardino and Riverside.  Before we look at details […]

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