Feb 27 2010

California Inventory Jumps from 3.8 Months to 5.8 Months in January – Total California Housing Inventory 154,000 Homes. How Many Homes are in Mortgage Limbo and Don’t Show up in These Stats? If we take Distress Data About 793,000 Homes.

Rarely do we ever see an actual total inventory report for California because this would require a count of each county in the entire state.  I try to track all this data in a spreadsheet since obviously the most important item we have in measuring California real estate is the actual quantity of homes we […]

Feb 15 2010

Big Loans Facing Big Problems – California Prime Jumbo Loan Defaults Rise to 11.3 Percent Putting $167 Billion in Loans in Distress. California Holds 44 Percent of Prime Jumbo Loans and 50 Percent of Option ARMs.

Most Americans will never deal with a jumbo mortgage.  With the nationwide median home price of $173,000 a mortgage of $729,750 seems like an absurdity to most people.  But in states where housing prices were climbing by leaps and bounds big mortgages were big business.  The prime jumbo residential mortgage backed security market is currently […]

Feb 8 2010

San Francisco Rent versus Buying? In Northern California you’d be Foolish to Buy. Examining the Bay Area Housing Market and Opportunity Cost of Buying a Home.

There are few housing markets in the world that rival the ups and downs of California.  You would be hard pressed to find any other area with a proliferation of mortgages like option ARMs that defy any sensible notion of financial prudence.  Yet many areas in California like the Central Valley for example have corrected […]

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