Mar 24 2010

The Bulk of Californians Bought or Refinanced During the Peak – 4.6 Million Moved into a New Housing Unit from 2005 to 2008. 1.7 Million Additional Homes priced under $249,000.

I think looking deep into the housing data of California helps illuminate the story of the housing bubble, but also the drawn out aftermath.  Of the 12 million occupied units in California, over 4.6 million people entered their new housing unit between 2005 and 2008.  This occurred during the peak time.  So to really get […]

Mar 19 2010

The Profits of Education – How University of Phoenix and other For Profit Schools Survive and Over Charge Students because of Government Backed Loans. Billion Dollar Growth Industry yet what is the Benefit to Society?

Over the last couple of years, I’ve seen the for profit education system plaster the airwaves with advertisements that seem to come on during the part of day when most are working or very late at night.  Now clearly in this current recession you have to wonder how an institution is making money when it […]

Mar 16 2010

No Hope for Option ARMs or Alt-A Loans – Loan to Value Ratios of 169% Simply do not Qualify for Help and Cement the Destiny for Billions in California Loans. Two Case Examples in Irvine and Garden Grove.

One of the big problems that really isn’t addressed when discussing option ARMs or Alt-A loans is the fact that many are tied to the hip with second liens.  If it wasn’t bad enough to have one toxic mortgage imagine having two.  It is also a bad twist of fate that most of these loans […]

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