Apr 28 2010

The Synthetic Recovery – Wall Street banking success dependent on destroying the productive sectors of our economy.

I’m certain that many of you are taking a glimpse at the bread and circus Goldman Sachs hearings.  At one point in the hearings, an attempt to define derivatives came up.  Yet when the Goldman bankers tired explaining their derivative bets, it came out as contempt for the public and representatives.  They rather not explain […]

Apr 24 2010

America’s Working Poor: How 12 Million Americans went from Working Poor to Food Stamps in Two Years. 38 Million Americans in Poverty by Government Statistics. The Importance of Education in Pulling People out of Poverty.

The middle class in America has been under assault for years but this recession only magnified the issue.  Most Americans, 6 out of 10 own their home and this is where most of their wealth is stored.  Yet the housing bubble bursting has wiped out much of what they once thought was part of their […]

Apr 20 2010

Unemployment Going Down yet Unemployment Insurance Payouts at Record High in March 2010? The Misleading Government Metrics of Unemployment Insurance. Extended Benefits Highlight a Shadow Market of Unemployed.

In March the Treasury reported a record amount of unemployment insurance being paid out.  $15.4 billion was paid out yet claims have been falling since June of 2009.  What gives?  Well a large number of people are being shifted into EUC programs that are extended versions of unemployment insurance yet this data isn’t reported when […]

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