May 24 2010

Why strategic defaults benefit the dialog on housing. Strategic defaults moving faster than HAMP modifications. The movement for stronger mortgage requirements.

I know many of you have strong opinions regarding strategic defaults.  People have a hard time blending in moral and financial obligations.  It really is a fine balance and public discourse gets muddied with emotional arguments to a somewhat obvious economic issue.  The housing market has not been normal for over a decade.  Even today […]

May 17 2010

Euro approaching U.S. dollar parity? Euro back to 2006 levels and falling against the dollar.

The Euro doesn’t seem to be responding all that well to the $1 trillion Euro bailout.  First, you have countries like Greece that if they had their own currency, would simply devalue their currency and try to make their economies more competitive.  But with the Euro you have countries like Germany with much larger economies […]

May 16 2010

GDP in the United States – Misleading data? How GDP may not be a good representation of the actual economy.

Interesting look at GDP in a weekend article.  There have been recent debates about GDP really reflecting the true health of an economy.  When we hear that GDP is going up we generally think that wages, jobs, the stock market, all go up in tandem.  But in today’s market it would appear that the only […]

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