Jun 21 2010

Can home buying psychology change in the United States? European versus United States home prices and their respective bubbles.

The current economic crisis, with real estate at center stage has brought about new financial questions especially when it comes to purchasing a home.  In the past, a home purchase was a rather safe investment.  Clearly this housing crisis has thrown that assumption out the window.  Buying a home is the biggest purchase most will […]

Jun 17 2010

5 charts showing deep embedded problems in the banking and financial sector – banking data shows that recession is still going with 5.64% of all loans as non-performing. Banking charge-offs at record levels.

The new motto for banks should be “look at what I do, not as I say” because bank balance sheets are still worsening.  If bad debt is any indicator of financial health or of the stability of a bank balance sheet, banks are extremely ill even after the enormous amounts of money pushed into their […]

Jun 8 2010

Student loan market created a tuition bubble rivaling the housing bubble. When banks and government subsidize markets the average American gets an education in debt serfdom. For profit schools dominate the Pell Grant market.

Recently a handful of articles have discussed the rise of subprime debt in higher education.  Broadly speaking a college educated American has lower unemployment, higher earnings, and a better potential for financial success.  Like the housing market, the emotional notion that everyone should own a home allowed the predatory banking industry with government support to […]

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