Oct 18 2010

Selling real estate is a matter of Photoshop and visual design.

I’ve always been fascinated by the quality (or lack of it) with online real estate ads.  I can understand that if someone is selling a $40,000 home them maybe splurging for a SLR camera isn’t worth it.  But if you are selling a $500,000 home you would expect at least some work to show effort […]

Oct 18 2010

MERS: A shell that allowed the monster of Wall Street to rip apart our mortgage industry

Interesting article over at Self-Evident examining the issues embedded in the MERS system.  The problem of legality is now centering on the entire system.  The issue of ownership is now the major subject at hand.  In the spirit of speeding up the process to feed into the securitzation beast that is Wall Street, the proper […]