Mar 31 2011

Thinking of a Jumbo Mortgage

Description: You have finally found the home of your dreams only to find out that it qualifies as a Jumbo home mortgage that of course is going to come with jumbo loan rates. It is possible that this may make you stop and think about whether or not you want to move forward with purchasing […]

Mar 23 2011

PAYE Payment Solutions

So, what is the PAYE system? If you’re an employee, your employer will regularly deduct from your income a sum for income tax and a sum for National Insurance Contributions. These are then sent directly to HMRC. Essentially, Pay As You Earn or PAYE is a method of spreading employees’ annual tax liabilities over the […]

Mar 23 2011

How Does IR35 Affect You?

What is IR35? Introduced by the previous Labour administration in April 2000 to close an alleged tax loophole, IR35 legislation has acquired certain notoriety amongst many freelancers. Why should a measure aimed at preventing tax avoidance have acquired such a reputation? At that time, HMRC claimed that some contractors were practising a form of “disguised […]

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