May 27 2011

Income distribution – To make it in the top .1 percent you have to make $750,000 individually or $3,000,000 as a married couple.

There is deep psychological fascination with wealth in the United States.  This goes back to the days of the Vanderbilt family and our modern day tycoons.  It also brings to light how wide the income divergence in our country has become and with economic challenges being faced by many this disparity only gets more heightened.  […]

May 6 2011

Food stamp nation – 44,200,000 Americans receiveing food assistance. The never leave home without it card.

There is something that should rub the American people wrong that 44,200,000 of their fellow comrades are receiving food stamp assistance in the midst of what is suppose to be an economic recovery.  The recession was over officially in 2009 so there is an odd feeling when someone proclaims that we are on solid footing […]