Jan 31 2012

Florida Primary 2012 – the battle for the economy.

The Florida 2012 Primary is starting to reflect what most of the nation is really feeling about the current state of affairs.  The number issue on the minds of voters is the stagnant economy.  We still have over 45 million Americans on food stamps and many people are still out of work.  Those that managed […]

Jan 24 2012

Personal income for American worker – Median personal income for those working in America is much less than you would think

I’m struck by how many Americans think that wages in the United States are off the charts.  The typical American worker is pulling in about $26,507.  At least this is the median personal income in the United States.  This works out to be about $500 per week which doesn’t equate too much especially given the incredibly high […]

Jan 20 2012

College majors with the highest earning potential. 2012 college major with highest paying degrees.

Choosing a college major is a big deal for most prospective students.  After all, with colleges now routinely costing $40,000 to $50,000 a year for selective private institutions students should be asking what degrees are worth it.  Look at recently released data for college majors and we find some interesting although not ground breaking data.  […]

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