Feb 22 2012

Learning how to retire like a millionaire with $250,000. It is possible but you need to hack your idea that $1 million is the minimum to retire.

Many Americans have a magical notion that $1 million is sufficient for a steady retirement.  Let us not point out that most Americans, 75 percent have less than $75,000 to their name and over 30 percent have zero dollars to their name.  This by no means is a secure retirement.  But lifestyle hacking is possible.  […]

Feb 20 2012

Don`t let your credit card control you

It is not uncommon to have some type of credit card debt. Many people carry a balance every month on their credit cards while others are making only the minimum payments to get by. In these situations, the credit card is in control. It requires payment regularly. To get it off your back, you need […]

Feb 3 2012

Job growth of 243,000 and unemployment drops to 8.3 percent. Economy picking up.

The economy is starting to pick up some steam in 2012.  Job growth was widespread in the latest report.  It can now be said that job growth is following a trend.  The trend is still on very fragile ground as Europe goes deeper into recession.  The US has now added jobs for well over a […]