Apr 23 2012

Millionaire Matchmaker contestant and stories of the housing bubble.

I shouldn’t be surprised regarding some of the stories coming out from the actions taken by individuals during the housing craze.  There have been times that I have seen people at a store for example going absolutely nuts over one dollar for a purchased good.  Even within individuals you may know, I’m sure you would […]

Apr 23 2012

European Union has countries in depression – European nations of Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, and Italy have severe challenges ahead with growing GDP.

The European Union is facing its toughest battle since the inception of the EU currency.  Many of the nations in the EU are incredibly in debt and are pitting differing ideologies and economies against one another.  Many countries like Spain, Greece, and Ireland are deep into depressions and GDP is actually shrinking in these nations.  […]

Apr 14 2012

College majors and their income potential 2012

College majors and their income potential 2012 College majors play a detrimental role in the ability for students to find suitable employment once they graduate.  A student shouldn’t be driven simply by what college major has the highest income potential but also what they are good at and what will be a strong fit for […]

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