May 28 2012

Greece debt to GDP ratio 200 percent – the crisis is of solvency and not liquidity.

The crisis in Greece is a bigger deal than one would expect because outside bets from financial institutions are hedged on the notion that Greece can service its debts.  Yet that belief is being thrown on its head because of the massive amount of debt in Greece compared to their GDP.  As things stand today […]

May 13 2012

Scarlett Johansson annual salary and income. Scarlett Johansson paid $400,000 for Iron Man 2. Pay for Avengers?

Scarlett Johansson may actually be earning more money from her side jobs than from her acting roles.  For example, it was estimated that the actress made $400,000 for her appearance in Iron Man 2.  Someone like Scarlett Johansson is likely to had made a bigger pay day for Avengers with the film expected to gross […]

May 8 2012

Greek stock market goes back to 1992 and hits two lost decades. Over a 90 percent drop from peak.

The Greek stock market has taken a beating recently but to what extent might surprise you.  From recent highs, the Greek stock market is now down 90 percent.  That is correct.  The stock markets has fallen by a whopping 90 percent from recent highs.  This just goes to show you how quickly things can change […]