Jun 27 2012

Pending home sales increasing – does this summer rebound have legs?

Pending home sales are starting to turn brisker but this is expected over the summer.  The real question will come from the sustainability of this trend.  Yet a good amount of this bounce is coming because of low inventory and banks still figuring out how they will dispose of troubled properties.  “(CBS) WASHINGTON – Americans […]

Jun 20 2012

More people and the same number employed – falling behind in the employment game.

While the economy has added jobs it has hardly kept pace with the growth in population and also the new pool of people entering into the workforce.  We essentially have the same number of Americans employed as we did in 2000 yet the workforce has grown by 33 million.  What does this say about the […]

Jun 11 2012

US dollar safety bet – Investors crowd into US dollar trade. How long will this last?

The US Dollar trade is becoming a heavy bet for investors.  I don’t like trades that are based on negative aspects.  The US Dollar is benefitting from the Euro crisis and the overall safety bet.  Yet this isn’t exactly the best way to invest.  This is like choosing the best of the worst companies and […]

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