Sep 30 2012

Amanda Clayton found dead: Former lottery winner who used food stamps died of possible overdose.

Last year the story of a lottery winner that was using food stamps made nationwide headlines.  Police say that the Detroit-area woman that collected welfare despite winning $735,000 (after taxes from the $1 million win) died of a possible drug overdose.  Amanda Clayton who was 25-years had pleaded no contest to fraud in June and […]

Sep 29 2012

Odds of Obama victory in November increase

If you were to bet on the current presidential race, you would likely put your money on President Obama.  Polls are one thing.  Yet when it comes to people putting their money on the line the odds are now largely in favor of the incumbent.  What this does bring us at least in the short-term […]

Sep 16 2012

Bank of Japan and quantitative easing – Japan blueprint of future?

The Bank of Japan is now looking down the barrel of deflation for the Japanese economy.  The Japanese economy is facing troubles ahead in spite of the Bank of Japan entering multiple decades of quantitative easing.  Does that come as a surprise to you?  Did you really think that Ben Bernanke was coming up with […]

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