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Guest Posts

We would be happy to have you as a guest post.  We do require that guest posters be fellow active bloggers.  No guest posts from freelance writers at the moment.

Some general guidelines:

  • Post must be original content and high-quality.  In other words they should not be published elsewhere.  Make sure your post is grammatically correct and ready to post.  We will only post quality items since this is a demand from our readership.
  • I reserve the right to edit your post for clarity, style, and length.
  • Any submission that looks to be PR and SEO promotionally heavy will not be accepted although linking back to your site is fine if it is not overdone.
  • Post should be financial in nature and offer ideas on investing, retirement, getting out of debt, or your own personal success story (or struggle!) to become financially savvy.
  • There is simply no guarantee that I will be able to run your post but will let you know.  For those that do get posted, I will notify you.
  • If you have an idea you would like to run before writing, feel free to send the general post and outline for an early yes or no.
  • No affiliate links in posts.
  • Include a short biography at the end of your post and feel free to link back to your site.