Apr 3 2014

Lowest paying jobs in America. Top 20 lowest paying jobs

There is a growing disconnect in the country between the working class and those in more professional careers.  Part of this is coming from massive globalization that is extracting lower wages for the vast portion of our nation.  The market craves lower costs and higher profits and the two don’t typically align with keeping things […]

Feb 23 2014

4% Rule for Retirement Withdrawals is Nonsense. 4% rule plays off of massive consumption society.

A few weeks ago I happened to catch Suze Orman’s show on CNBC.  One caller had her case analyzed.  She had something like $1.5 million in assets and had her home paid off.  She is clearly in a very good position and puts her within the top 2 percent of households in the United States.  […]

Feb 13 2014

The bursting law school bubble: Cash cow law schools are facing 30 year lows in applications as applicants confront high tuition and low wages.

Law school is no cheap proposition.  To get into law school requires someone to take three years out of their life beyond the typical 4-year undergraduate experience followed by preparing for and scoring a solid number on the LSAT.  There is also the tiny issue that law school graduates will end up coming out with […]

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