May 13 2012

Scarlett Johansson annual salary and income. Scarlett Johansson paid $400,000 for Iron Man 2. Pay for Avengers?

Scarlett Johansson may actually be earning more money from her side jobs than from her acting roles.  For example, it was estimated that the actress made $400,000 for her appearance in Iron Man 2.  Someone like Scarlett Johansson is likely to had made a bigger pay day for Avengers with the film expected to gross […]

Apr 23 2012

Millionaire Matchmaker contestant and stories of the housing bubble.

I shouldn’t be surprised regarding some of the stories coming out from the actions taken by individuals during the housing craze.  There have been times that I have seen people at a store for example going absolutely nuts over one dollar for a purchased good.  Even within individuals you may know, I’m sure you would […]

Feb 5 2011

How much does Charlie Sheen make per episode? How much is Chralie Sheen paid?

A lot of attention has been throw to Charlie Sheen recently given his personal issues.  The reason so much focus is given his way is because of his successful TV show Two and a Half Men which is the highest watched comedy show on television.  Charlie Sheen earns roughly $2 million per episode so it […]