Mar 18 2012

Bay Area housing market – Northern California real estate still in a housing bubble. Bay Area housing prices for 2012. $300,000 in per capita home equity evaporated since 2005.

Bay Area housing is one of the most inflated real estate markets in the entire country.  It is an interesting social experiment seeing couples battle it out for a rundown property that is slightly bigger than a college student’s pizza filled apartment.  Northern California housing has been in a bubble for as long as I […]

Mar 8 2012

The City – San Francisco remains most overpriced region in California. Bay Area home values down 41 percent from May 2006 peak. 10 years to get to the peak 1996 to 2006. 10 years to bottom out 2006 to 2016.

People seem to think that simply having a good tech industry and a trendy scene warrants an entire region with many millions of people bidding on extremely old properties for whatever a bank will lend them.  I don’t say this with enthusiasm or any kind of bravado but the Bay Area has the most overpriced […]

Apr 14 2010

The Most Expensive County in California Examined – How San Francisco County Became the Most Over Priced Real Estate in California. 26% of Those Who Own Their San Francisco Home Would not be Able to Afford Their own Place if they Bought Today.

Only two counties in California have the honor of having a median price of over $600,000.  Sure, we have areas like Beverly Hills with a median price of millions of dollars but this is still part of Los Angeles County.  But to have a county like San Francisco with a current median price of $627,500 […]

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