Mar 24 2010

The Bulk of Californians Bought or Refinanced During the Peak – 4.6 Million Moved into a New Housing Unit from 2005 to 2008. 1.7 Million Additional Homes priced under $249,000.

I think looking deep into the housing data of California helps illuminate the story of the housing bubble, but also the drawn out aftermath.  Of the 12 million occupied units in California, over 4.6 million people entered their new housing unit between 2005 and 2008.  This occurred during the peak time.  So to really get […]

Feb 27 2010

California Inventory Jumps from 3.8 Months to 5.8 Months in January – Total California Housing Inventory 154,000 Homes. How Many Homes are in Mortgage Limbo and Don’t Show up in These Stats? If we take Distress Data About 793,000 Homes.

Rarely do we ever see an actual total inventory report for California because this would require a count of each county in the entire state.  I try to track all this data in a spreadsheet since obviously the most important item we have in measuring California real estate is the actual quantity of homes we […]