Mar 18 2012

Bay Area housing market – Northern California real estate still in a housing bubble. Bay Area housing prices for 2012. $300,000 in per capita home equity evaporated since 2005.

Bay Area housing is one of the most inflated real estate markets in the entire country.  It is an interesting social experiment seeing couples battle it out for a rundown property that is slightly bigger than a college student’s pizza filled apartment.  Northern California housing has been in a bubble for as long as I […]

Oct 18 2010

Selling real estate is a matter of Photoshop and visual design.

I’ve always been fascinated by the quality (or lack of it) with online real estate ads.  I can understand that if someone is selling a $40,000 home them maybe splurging for a SLR camera isn’t worth it.  But if you are selling a $500,000 home you would expect at least some work to show effort […]

Jul 8 2010

Top 10 states with biggest renter occupied housing. Does having a low owner occupied housing rate create a state housing bubble? Renting is the solution, not the problem with the current housing crisis. Rents have fallen for Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Many articles are now finally highlighting the financial benefits of renting or leasing a home.  There is no national association with deep budgets that promotes renting so there is little advertising dollars that go into this market.  But in many cases, renting is a solid and financially wise decision.  Given this current housing market debacle […]

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