Feb 5 2014

Grade Inflation in the United States: Has our university system made it easier for students to get higher grades?

I came across a report showing the increasingly higher grades reported at our nation’s public and private universities.  What happens when no one is average when it comes to grades?  Is it that students are all of a sudden more intelligent?  I think a large part of this grade inflation is also coming from instructors […]

Apr 14 2012

College majors and their income potential 2012

College majors and their income potential 2012 College majors play a detrimental role in the ability for students to find suitable employment once they graduate.  A student shouldn’t be driven simply by what college major has the highest income potential but also what they are good at and what will be a strong fit for […]

Jan 20 2012

College majors with the highest earning potential. 2012 college major with highest paying degrees.

Choosing a college major is a big deal for most prospective students.  After all, with colleges now routinely costing $40,000 to $50,000 a year for selective private institutions students should be asking what degrees are worth it.  Look at recently released data for college majors and we find some interesting although not ground breaking data.  […]

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