Mar 10 2011

Credit Card Counseling vs. Debt Settlement

Credit card bills are certainly not the most welcome item in your mailbox. This is even truer when you have to contend with paying off very high credit card balances. As much as we would prefer to follow a relatively simply path to paying off our credit card debt, this may not be possible. The […]

Jan 14 2011

Keeping up with your personal balance sheet. Managing your finances in turbulent economic times.

Part of saving money involves earning money in the first place.  This can be done through work and is typically accomplished through a W2 job.  Now in challenging economic times, there is a temptation to rely on credit cards as a method of balancing gaps in a monthly balance sheet.  The temptation is strong.  You […]

Jun 17 2010

5 charts showing deep embedded problems in the banking and financial sector – banking data shows that recession is still going with 5.64% of all loans as non-performing. Banking charge-offs at record levels.

The new motto for banks should be “look at what I do, not as I say” because bank balance sheets are still worsening.  If bad debt is any indicator of financial health or of the stability of a bank balance sheet, banks are extremely ill even after the enormous amounts of money pushed into their […]