Apr 23 2012

European Union has countries in depression – European nations of Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, and Italy have severe challenges ahead with growing GDP.

The European Union is facing its toughest battle since the inception of the EU currency.  Many of the nations in the EU are incredibly in debt and are pitting differing ideologies and economies against one another.  Many countries like Spain, Greece, and Ireland are deep into depressions and GDP is actually shrinking in these nations.  […]

May 17 2010

Euro approaching U.S. dollar parity? Euro back to 2006 levels and falling against the dollar.

The Euro doesn’t seem to be responding all that well to the $1 trillion Euro bailout.  First, you have countries like Greece that if they had their own currency, would simply devalue their currency and try to make their economies more competitive.  But with the Euro you have countries like Germany with much larger economies […]

May 12 2010

Gold rally continues – Investors seek safe haven in currency devaluation world.

Gold continues a decade long rally and reaches a new peak price as world governments find the need to increase debt and fire up printing presses to deal with balance sheet problems.  It isn’t that gold is necessarily special in any way but investors are seeking a safe haven when currency markets are fluctuating wildly.  […]