Feb 8 2013

Eight Secrets to Mastering Dave Ramsey Debt Snowball Method to Pay off Debt

Due to the increasing inflation and overall economic uncertainty, more people are rushing towards securing loans to meet their economic needs. The worst fact is that the price of everything has soared up drastically which as a result has lowered the purchasing power of people as well. Debt accumulation has resulted in various problems for […]

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Jan 16 2013

Debt ceiling: The constant rise of our debt ceiling.

The debt ceiling debate is really troubling because it shows how little substantive conversation we can have in this country about real issues.  One major issue with the debt ceiling is that we are now spending more than our annual GDP.  The annual GDP versus total debt threshold is commonly looked at as a tipping […]

Feb 22 2012

Learning how to retire like a millionaire with $250,000. It is possible but you need to hack your idea that $1 million is the minimum to retire.

Many Americans have a magical notion that $1 million is sufficient for a steady retirement.  Let us not point out that most Americans, 75 percent have less than $75,000 to their name and over 30 percent have zero dollars to their name.  This by no means is a secure retirement.  But lifestyle hacking is possible.  […]

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