Apr 3 2014

Lowest paying jobs in America. Top 20 lowest paying jobs

There is a growing disconnect in the country between the working class and those in more professional careers.  Part of this is coming from massive globalization that is extracting lower wages for the vast portion of our nation.  The market craves lower costs and higher profits and the two don’t typically align with keeping things […]

Apr 6 2013

Fast food American economy: Professor states that low pay jobs part of future. College degree required for McDonald’s job.

It was interesting to hear a Columbia Professor mention that fast food jobs should not be considered as the bottom of the rung of jobs.  These lower paid service sector jobs are actually part of the norm and will be growing.  As the US economy begins to get more and more bifurcated we can expect […]

Aug 13 2012

Fiscal balance of US and Europe – Fiscal balance and GDP.

The markets have entered a stage of collective belief that the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve have now reached a stage of elevation where they can control markets.  This force is so prevalent and strong that even with very high unemployment and giant fiscal imbalances the US stock markets slowly inch their way […]

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