Apr 3 2014

Lowest paying jobs in America. Top 20 lowest paying jobs

There is a growing disconnect in the country between the working class and those in more professional careers.  Part of this is coming from massive globalization that is extracting lower wages for the vast portion of our nation.  The market craves lower costs and higher profits and the two don’t typically align with keeping things […]

Jun 20 2012

More people and the same number employed – falling behind in the employment game.

While the economy has added jobs it has hardly kept pace with the growth in population and also the new pool of people entering into the workforce.  We essentially have the same number of Americans employed as we did in 2000 yet the workforce has grown by 33 million.  What does this say about the […]

Apr 14 2012

College majors and their income potential 2012

College majors and their income potential 2012 College majors play a detrimental role in the ability for students to find suitable employment once they graduate.  A student shouldn’t be driven simply by what college major has the highest income potential but also what they are good at and what will be a strong fit for […]

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