Jan 10 2013

Trillion dollar coin: Paying off the debt with coins.

Part of the crazy idea behind the trillion dollar coin stems from a loophole that technically, does allow a way around the debt ceiling should political talks stall.  In a fiat system as our own, going into default makes no sense when you have the printing press known as the Federal Reserve.  More to the […]

Sep 24 2011

Operation Twist: Mortgages rate historical lows with operation twist from Federal Reserve.

It is absolutely amazing that mortgage rates continue to reach historical lows.  As things happen to be and continue to contract, the Federal Reserve has gone ahead and decided to embark on Operation Twist.  With this the Fed is looking at a longer term horizon for purchasing government debt.  Given the dramatic challenges being faced […]

Mar 5 2011

Federal Reserve and their ever growing debt. Scary chart

The Federal Reserve keeps growing their grab bag of junk and toxic waste all the while telling the public that everything is fine.  They keep hiding the waste and attempting to inflate the debt away.  The U.S. dollar is getting the brunt of this and Americans are realizing that their U.S. dollar is getting weaker […]