Dec 16 2009

Housing’s Treacherous Path: From 44 Percent Homeownership to 70 Percent. The Levittown Dream and Nothing Down Madness. How a Nation lost its way with Homeownership.

It is a fascinating case study in the perceived power of homeownership that even after our economy was brought to its economic knees by a massive housing bubble that the government, Wall Street, home buyers, and sellers somehow view homeownership as our ticket to getting out of the financial mess.  That is, the housing poison […]

Oct 30 2009

The Negative Equity Conundrum: Why Having Equity in a Home is Important. 1 out of 4 Mortgage Holders in a Negative Equity Position.

The post title should be obvious but something occurred during this decade that gave the impression that somehow, equity in a property was of little importance.  The last time in our history that we saw this massive amount of negative equity was during the Great Depression.  But even then, it was a poor comparison because […]

Oct 12 2009

A Case Study of Distress California Housing: Sacramento County.

The Sacramento Association of Realtors provides excellent data on real estate market trends for Sacramento County.  It is unfortunate that we don’t have comprehensive data like this for the state of California housing.  Yet this data is helpful because it reflects similar outcomes of other California counties like Riverside or San Bernardino.  When we examine […]

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