Jan 28 2014

Argentina financial crisis: What is going on in Argentina?

The economy in Argentina is undergoing another deep financial crisis.  When you have giant pools of money trying to exit your country you know you are in for a deep challenge.  The problem with Argentina is deep and complex but boils down to nepotism, a weak environment for growing businesses, and currency flight.  The latter […]

Jun 9 2013

Immigrants will be important part of US economic recovery over the next few decades.

The decline in the US participation rate is largely due to demographic shifts.  This is absolutely true.  However, the other side of the coin tells us that the other reason for the participation rate drop is that structural changes are occurring in the US.  It should be apparent that any closed door policy will prove […]

Sep 29 2012

Odds of Obama victory in November increase

If you were to bet on the current presidential race, you would likely put your money on President Obama.  Polls are one thing.  Yet when it comes to people putting their money on the line the odds are now largely in favor of the incumbent.  What this does bring us at least in the short-term […]

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