May 28 2012

Greece debt to GDP ratio 200 percent – the crisis is of solvency and not liquidity.

The crisis in Greece is a bigger deal than one would expect because outside bets from financial institutions are hedged on the notion that Greece can service its debts.  Yet that belief is being thrown on its head because of the massive amount of debt in Greece compared to their GDP.  As things stand today […]

Apr 23 2012

European Union has countries in depression – European nations of Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, and Italy have severe challenges ahead with growing GDP.

The European Union is facing its toughest battle since the inception of the EU currency.  Many of the nations in the EU are incredibly in debt and are pitting differing ideologies and economies against one another.  Many countries like Spain, Greece, and Ireland are deep into depressions and GDP is actually shrinking in these nations.  […]

May 5 2010

Greece economy coming unglued because of bailouts and massive amounts of debt. Greece tax evasion and big bailout.

The Greek economy has been under fire in recent months.  The current rioting and outrage is due to the austerity measures being proposed by the IMF and also European countries particularly Germany.  Now many members within the Euro object to the bailouts and the IMF, which is largely funded by the U.S. is now part […]

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