Jun 20 2015

10 percent of millionaires live paycheck to paycheck

You might find it hard to believe but 10 percent of millionaires are living paycheck to paycheck.  Not many are going to shed any tears for these families that simply spend beyond their means and have a major case of lifestyle inflation but it does highlight a problem in our society about wise financial management. […]

Dec 28 2012

Putting your wallet on a diet: 5 Steps to keeping the green.

As the New Year comes many people begin to make money resolutions.  Save more money here.  Spend less money there.  Yet many end up going back into their spending ways a few weeks into the year.  Like any diet, you need to put something in place that is overall a new lifestyle.  Temporary measures rarely […]

Mar 4 2012

Is it possible to pay zero in Federal Income taxes on a $150,000 income? The answer might surprise you.

The tax system in the United States might as well seem like a foreign language to most individuals.  Vague statues.  Obscure language.  When you examine the tax system carefully it heavily favors those with higher incomes and those who invest.  The investing part is not necessarily bad since Americans need to save more given the […]

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