Feb 23 2014

4% Rule for Retirement Withdrawals is Nonsense. 4% rule plays off of massive consumption society.

A few weeks ago I happened to catch Suze Orman’s show on CNBC.  One caller had her case analyzed.  She had something like $1.5 million in assets and had her home paid off.  She is clearly in a very good position and puts her within the top 2 percent of households in the United States.  […]

May 27 2011

Income distribution – To make it in the top .1 percent you have to make $750,000 individually or $3,000,000 as a married couple.

There is deep psychological fascination with wealth in the United States.  This goes back to the days of the Vanderbilt family and our modern day tycoons.  It also brings to light how wide the income divergence in our country has become and with economic challenges being faced by many this disparity only gets more heightened.  […]

Jul 12 2010

Controlling the wealth of America – top 1 percent control 83 percent of U.S. stocks. As a share of personal income mortgage debt ate up 19 percent in 1949. In 2003 it went up to 85 percent. 80 percent of Americans 65 years and older depend on Social Security for half of their income.

Mayer Rothschild was quoted as saying “give me the power of the money and it will not matter any more who is commanding.”  Today Wall Street is in full command of our government.  The impact of massive lobbying has guaranteed that many of our politicians are bought off and are serving as serfs to their […]

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