Jun 20 2012

More people and the same number employed – falling behind in the employment game.

While the economy has added jobs it has hardly kept pace with the growth in population and also the new pool of people entering into the workforce.  We essentially have the same number of Americans employed as we did in 2000 yet the workforce has grown by 33 million.  What does this say about the […]

Mar 31 2012

Q1 of 2012 best quarter for stocks since 1998. First quarter stock market performance.

The stock market had one of its best quarters on record.  The first quarter of 2012 saw the best stock performance since 1998.  What would be considered solid gains for any year overall the stock market accomplished the gains over three months.  It is interesting to examine a parallel economy where housing is still performing […]

Mar 23 2012

Apple Flash Crash: Trades halted after odd trade causes 9 percent drop. For a second Apple lost $50 billion in market cap.

Apple stock took a very big drop today, actually dropping by 9 percent while circuit breakers were activated to halt trading.  The hit took place early in the morning.  It must have come as a shock to many traders especially given the near unstoppable rise in the value of Apple’s stock.  The sale and plunge […]

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