Jun 27 2013

Dodging the financial pitfalls as a married couple

Getting married is a joyous time for most married couples, but both parties have to realise that things change with marriage. When you get married you go from being ‘I’ to being ‘we’. Most of the decisions you make and things you do are now done jointly and communicating effectively becomes all the more important. […]

Dec 23 2012

Mayan Calendar and Money: What to do with your finances now that the world moves on?

The Mayan Calendar was in the headlines for at least one week until people started brushing up and realizing that the Mayan Calendar stated nothing of an end of the world.  It was merely a restart of the calendar.  So now that you know we have more time ahead of ourselves, what will you do […]

Jun 5 2012

Median net worth Canada and US households. Average and median net worth data for Canada and US 2012.

I found some interesting data on the net worth figures between US and Canadian households.  Net worth is always an interesting way of measuring financial security of a country and their middle class.  It also highlights how widespread a middle class really is.  Having a solid net worth provides additional buffers and gives households a […]

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