Mar 28 2012

Atlanta home values now back to 1998. The Atlanta housing market and high levels of foreclosure.

Atlanta is an odd housing bust location.  The Atlanta housing market never soared to the out of control levels of San Francisco or some of the Florida regional markets but Atlanta home values have been crushed since the peak that was reached in 2006.  Prices continue to move lower and lower.  The housing market is […]

Oct 18 2010

Selling real estate is a matter of Photoshop and visual design.

I’ve always been fascinated by the quality (or lack of it) with online real estate ads.  I can understand that if someone is selling a $40,000 home them maybe splurging for a SLR camera isn’t worth it.  But if you are selling a $500,000 home you would expect at least some work to show effort […]