Jul 8 2010

Top 10 states with biggest renter occupied housing. Does having a low owner occupied housing rate create a state housing bubble? Renting is the solution, not the problem with the current housing crisis. Rents have fallen for Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Many articles are now finally highlighting the financial benefits of renting or leasing a home.  There is no national association with deep budgets that promotes renting so there is little advertising dollars that go into this market.  But in many cases, renting is a solid and financially wise decision.  Given this current housing market debacle […]

Feb 8 2010

San Francisco Rent versus Buying? In Northern California you’d be Foolish to Buy. Examining the Bay Area Housing Market and Opportunity Cost of Buying a Home.

There are few housing markets in the world that rival the ups and downs of California.  You would be hard pressed to find any other area with a proliferation of mortgages like option ARMs that defy any sensible notion of financial prudence.  Yet many areas in California like the Central Valley for example have corrected […]