Feb 2 2013

DOW 14,000: Dow at 5 year high. Are we at a market peak?

This Friday the DOW surged to a five year high of 14,000+ points.  It has been nearly half a decade before we have come close to seeing this point in the stock market.  The market seems to be stabilizing and certainly money is flowing heavily into the stock markets. Retail investors are back in the […]

Mar 31 2012

Q1 of 2012 best quarter for stocks since 1998. First quarter stock market performance.

The stock market had one of its best quarters on record.  The first quarter of 2012 saw the best stock performance since 1998.  What would be considered solid gains for any year overall the stock market accomplished the gains over three months.  It is interesting to examine a parallel economy where housing is still performing […]

Feb 22 2012

Learning how to retire like a millionaire with $250,000. It is possible but you need to hack your idea that $1 million is the minimum to retire.

Many Americans have a magical notion that $1 million is sufficient for a steady retirement.  Let us not point out that most Americans, 75 percent have less than $75,000 to their name and over 30 percent have zero dollars to their name.  This by no means is a secure retirement.  But lifestyle hacking is possible.  […]

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