Feb 18 2013

How To Reduce Student Debt

For a lot of young people the burden of student debt is quite simply overwhelming, and many youngsters, who are just starting their working life, wonder if they will ever be able to pay off the seemingly huge debt they have amassed. Fortunately, the position is not normally quite as bad as it seems at […]

Jan 20 2012

College majors with the highest earning potential. 2012 college major with highest paying degrees.

Choosing a college major is a big deal for most prospective students.  After all, with colleges now routinely costing $40,000 to $50,000 a year for selective private institutions students should be asking what degrees are worth it.  Look at recently released data for college majors and we find some interesting although not ground breaking data.  […]

Jun 8 2010

Student loan market created a tuition bubble rivaling the housing bubble. When banks and government subsidize markets the average American gets an education in debt serfdom. For profit schools dominate the Pell Grant market.

Recently a handful of articles have discussed the rise of subprime debt in higher education.  Broadly speaking a college educated American has lower unemployment, higher earnings, and a better potential for financial success.  Like the housing market, the emotional notion that everyone should own a home allowed the predatory banking industry with government support to […]

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