Nov 15 2013

New top in stock market? Stock market at record highs

Are we seeing a new peak in the stock market?  It sure seems that way.  There has been little evidence to justify such a dramatic rise in stocks during 2013.  Speculation is running rampant and retail trading is very low in relation to large bank trading.  It appears that a sizable portion of the buying […]

Oct 13 2013

Government shutdown impacting American confidence. US Government Shutdown searches.

Americans are definitely interested in the government shutdown.  Beyond the basics of interfering with the economy and inching us closer to a default in mid-October, the government shutdown is front and center in the minds of Americans.  This wasn’t the case the last time we encountered a potential government shutdown.  Although it appeared that we […]

Sep 20 2013

Will rising rates cause more banks to lend to US consumers? Depends on where you look.

One item that may push banks into lending more to regular consumers is the rise in rates.  Rates and constricted margins have made it largely unattractive to lend to American consumers.  Many Americans are in the process of slowly deleveraging and with rates at very low levels, margins may not be enticing enough for banks to […]

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