Q1 of 2012 best quarter for stocks since 1998. First quarter stock market performance.

The stock market had one of its best quarters on record.  The first quarter of 2012 saw the best stock performance since 1998.  What would be considered solid gains for any year overall the stock market accomplished the gains over three months.  It is interesting to examine a parallel economy where housing is still performing badly yet stocks are soaring higher.  These two segments in the past were highly correlated but something has certainly changed in recent years.  The stock market growth was largely led by large scale investors as retail investors pulled funds out of the market over the last few years.  No doubt, the stock market gains are significant and likely to be unsustainable.  At this rate we would be looking at a 50 percent annual increase in the Nasdaq for example.

The market performance has been stellar:

stocks q1 2012

Dow gains:                          8.1%

Nasdaq:                               19%

S&P 500:                              12%

With a big week coming up including a jobs report many will be looking for signs that will justify a continuation of the rally.

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