Jun 27 2013

Dodging the financial pitfalls as a married couple

Getting married is a joyous time for most married couples, but both parties have to realise that things change with marriage. When you get married you go from being ‘I’ to being ‘we’. Most of the decisions you make and things you do are now done jointly and communicating effectively becomes all the more important. […]

Apr 23 2012

Millionaire Matchmaker contestant and stories of the housing bubble.

I shouldn’t be surprised regarding some of the stories coming out from the actions taken by individuals during the housing craze.  There have been times that I have seen people at a store for example going absolutely nuts over one dollar for a purchased good.  Even within individuals you may know, I’m sure you would […]

Mar 14 2012

How many banks are in the US? Number of US banks shrinks while banking assets increase.

Do you ever wonder how many banks are active in the United States?  Do you ever think about the amount of assets held at these banks?  More people today have taken a thorough desire at learning the details about their banking system and this is for the better.  US banks are backed by the Federal […]

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