Jan 25 2010

Savings and Deposits and the Zero Percent Bank Account – Punishing the Saver for a Nation Fueled by Debt Consumption.

The current financial system is designed to punish savers.  The Federal Reserve by cutting the Fed funds rate to virtually zero has made it a disincentive for people to store any of their wealth and get any acceptable return.  If we look at savings account rates you will find that many banks are offering from […]

Nov 22 2009

The Economic Double Standard: Can Inflation Occur with Housing Prices Falling?

It might seem like cognitive dissonance to think about inflation in the midst of falling housing prices.  The Consumer Price Index (CPI) tracked by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics shows that housing makes up 43 percent of the entire index.  Of this, 24 percent is made up of a category called owners’ equivalent rent […]

Sep 23 2009

The California Home Buying Debate: Southern California Home Sales Broken out in Price Tier Ranges. The Amount of California Home you can Afford is Probably Less Than you Expect.

For many prudent prospective home buyers, many who have saved diligently for years, many are licking their chops to purchase a home in California.  But let us be honest, most are looking to purchase in selective markets like Marin County or parts of the Westside here in Southern California.  They hear about the 50 percent […]