Apr 14 2010

The Most Expensive County in California Examined – How San Francisco County Became the Most Over Priced Real Estate in California. 26% of Those Who Own Their San Francisco Home Would not be Able to Afford Their own Place if they Bought Today.

Only two counties in California have the honor of having a median price of over $600,000.  Sure, we have areas like Beverly Hills with a median price of millions of dollars but this is still part of Los Angeles County.  But to have a county like San Francisco with a current median price of $627,500 […]

Mar 13 2010

The Complete Guide to Toxic Mortgages and the Housing Situation of California – Option ARMs, 55 Percent of Jumbo California Loans are ARMs, 794,000 Distressed Properties, and Failed Loan Modifications.

An updated chart highlighting the option ARM and exotic mortgage loans made during the height of the bubble still shows us that many loans will go bad in the next couple of years.  We need to remember that the vast majority of troubled option ARMs were made from 2004 to 2007.  While analysts claim that […]

Dec 14 2009

San Francisco Shadow Inventory Larger than Regular MLS Data: How the Real Housing Inventory is Hidden from the Public.

Once upon a time in California, housing prices aligned with national prices.  You don’t need to go back into the legends of the state because this was a time in the 1960s and early 1970s.  At this point, housing in California started to disconnect from economic fundamentals.  Many people forget that California had a housing […]

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