Feb 5 2014

Grade Inflation in the United States: Has our university system made it easier for students to get higher grades?

I came across a report showing the increasingly higher grades reported at our nation’s public and private universities.  What happens when no one is average when it comes to grades?  Is it that students are all of a sudden more intelligent?  I think a large part of this grade inflation is also coming from instructors […]

Feb 18 2013

How To Reduce Student Debt

For a lot of young people the burden of student debt is quite simply overwhelming, and many youngsters, who are just starting their working life, wonder if they will ever be able to pay off the seemingly huge debt they have amassed. Fortunately, the position is not normally quite as bad as it seems at […]

Apr 24 2010

America’s Working Poor: How 12 Million Americans went from Working Poor to Food Stamps in Two Years. 38 Million Americans in Poverty by Government Statistics. The Importance of Education in Pulling People out of Poverty.

The middle class in America has been under assault for years but this recession only magnified the issue.  Most Americans, 6 out of 10 own their home and this is where most of their wealth is stored.  Yet the housing bubble bursting has wiped out much of what they once thought was part of their […]

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