Mar 6 2012

How many credit cards should I have? Credit card statistics. The number of credit cards you should have.

How many credit cards should I have?  Is this a question you find yourself asking?  I’m not sure if most people have an internal barometer of how many credit cards they should carry.  They don’t exactly teach this in high school or in economics 101.  The fact of the matter is Americans love their credit […]

Sep 23 2011

Does debt consolidation hurt credit

Staying in debt has become a way of life. As long as our life is stuck with credit card, chances of falling in debt will always be there. If you are struggling with your credit card debt, you may think about debt consolidation to settle your debt issues. Now, the issue pops up what about […]

Mar 10 2011

Credit Card Counseling vs. Debt Settlement

Credit card bills are certainly not the most welcome item in your mailbox. This is even truer when you have to contend with paying off very high credit card balances. As much as we would prefer to follow a relatively simply path to paying off our credit card debt, this may not be possible. The […]

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