Dec 10 2013

Bitcoin and the expansion of digital currency abroad.

The major boom in Bitcoin has been nothing short of dramatic.  What is fascinating is the quick run it has had in 2013 where it seems that all things are going up in value; real estate, stocks, and digital currency.  One of the big reasons for the recent run has been the mainstream expansion of […]

Jun 11 2012

US dollar safety bet – Investors crowd into US dollar trade. How long will this last?

The US Dollar trade is becoming a heavy bet for investors.  I don’t like trades that are based on negative aspects.  The US Dollar is benefitting from the Euro crisis and the overall safety bet.  Yet this isn’t exactly the best way to invest.  This is like choosing the best of the worst companies and […]

Jun 7 2011

Devaluing the U.S. dollar Rome style. Inflation and diluting a currency is nothing new.

Devaluation is nothing new and great empires like that of the Romans used in their ascent toward the bottom.  Little by little the value of the Roman currency was diluted by putting less and less silver in their currency.  Eventually the currency was so diluted that faith in the money was lost.  It is never […]

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