Feb 8 2013

Eight Secrets to Mastering Dave Ramsey Debt Snowball Method to Pay off Debt

Due to the increasing inflation and overall economic uncertainty, more people are rushing towards securing loans to meet their economic needs. The worst fact is that the price of everything has soared up drastically which as a result has lowered the purchasing power of people as well. Debt accumulation has resulted in various problems for […]

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Sep 23 2011

Does debt consolidation hurt credit

Staying in debt has become a way of life. As long as our life is stuck with credit card, chances of falling in debt will always be there. If you are struggling with your credit card debt, you may think about debt consolidation to settle your debt issues. Now, the issue pops up what about […]

Jul 10 2010

Middle class shuffle – how the banking system has given the illusion of prosperity with debt serfdom to working and middle class Americans. $14 billion in consumer credit yanked from the system last month.

A cold bucket of water was thrown on many middle class Americans when the consumer credit figures for May were released.  Analysts were expecting an increase of $1 billion but instead over $14 billion in consumer credit was yanked from the system.  You would think that a growing and healthy economy would require more credit […]

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