Jun 20 2012

More people and the same number employed – falling behind in the employment game.

While the economy has added jobs it has hardly kept pace with the growth in population and also the new pool of people entering into the workforce.  We essentially have the same number of Americans employed as we did in 2000 yet the workforce has grown by 33 million.  What does this say about the […]

Jan 31 2012

Florida Primary 2012 – the battle for the economy.

The Florida 2012 Primary is starting to reflect what most of the nation is really feeling about the current state of affairs.  The number issue on the minds of voters is the stagnant economy.  We still have over 45 million Americans on food stamps and many people are still out of work.  Those that managed […]

Dec 2 2009

The Corporatocracy: A New Economic System for the Connected Banking Sector and Political Elites. Providing the new Serfdom Massive Debt Servitude.

The typical American family is struggling with the current recession and is having a hard time pinpointing the nexus of the problem.  Some try to argue the failures of capitalism but our current system is more of a corporatocracy.  A system designed for the few by the few.  Even Adam Smith argued that society would […]

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